Disease and poor health costs the US economy $575 billion per year. Half of that is from absenteeism. Chronic conditions can decrease productivity and raise company costs.

The top two things that employers can do to mitigate these costs is address the physical and psychological health of the employees.

Although many employees know that preventative care and screening can detect and modify serious health problems before they arise, many still go without these services. Blood pressure monitoring, diabetes control, cancer screening, and smoking cessation can all be addressed at the place of employment with POD.

Making these programs available on site lowers the barriers.

With POD at the workplace, employers have a partner in health promotion programs. Weight management, smoking cessation, and stress management are all available. An easy-to-access licensed healthcare provider can give one on one guidance with all of these concerns. There is no better time for your office to consider on-site.  This is innovative healthcare.

Provider on Demand provides telemedicine services to offices and workplaces.
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