There is no Delay in Evaluation

The average wait time for a new physician appointment in a mid-sized market is thirty two days.  With POD, you can receive compassionate care quickly and professionally often in the same day.  Utilizing app access, patients can secure an appointment easily and without waiting on hold or in a waiting room.

Provider on Demand offers no delay services.
Provider on Demand provides telemedicine means no hospital waiting room wait times.

The waiting room is unnecessary

The average ER wait times are over 2 hours.  Waiting rooms are places where anxiety, infections and tempers often intersect.  The waiting room becomes a thing of the past.  When you enter the POD, you get started right away.  

The Remedy to Telemedicine

The adoption of telemedicine in recent years has increased dramatically.  POD is so much more than telemedicine. The convenience has been elevated by incorporating office visit components to ensure that you receive a safe and comprehensive visit.

You are not alone with POD.

By adding a trained on-site technician to facilitate the visit, taking vital signs, conducting a patient examination, and performing laboratory analysis, the gap between the clinic and telemedicine has been closed.  Patients of POD experience a true trifecta of in-person compassionate care, advanced medical technologies and unprecedented convenience.

Provider on Demand is the remedy for telemedicine.
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